BEST Business Alley Crawl 2012

On December 15, 2012, BEST held it’s first Business Alley Crawl.  This event was a combination of an Alley Cat and a Business/Pub crawl.  The participants had 6 hours to get to as many BEST businesses as possible….By bike of course.

All of the businesses were ready and willing to participate.  They were instructed that the racers would be coming between noon and six and that they could simply sign off on their manifest as proof they were there OR they could make the racer perform a task/challenge.  A lot of the businesses played along – Black Dog Cafe had people washing dishes and busing tables.  I heard rumors that Fermentation Lounge has sparkling toilets after the race!

The Black Dog Cafe really got into the spirit of things...they made the racers wash dishes!

The Black Dog Cafe really got into the spirit of things…they made the racers wash dishes!

The racers were given extra credit for taking and posting a picture to Facebook.  We got hundreds of pictures!

In all we had 25 racers and everyone reported having a blast!  Total miles logged amongst the racers was over 500 miles!

The winner was Mathew Paredes.  He visited 24 businesses!  Second and third place went to Richard Blasquez and Kay Keller.  Our businesses were so generous with the prizes they donated that all of the participatants ended up taking home a prize just for racing!  Thanks businesses – You are the BEST!


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  1. 1

    Rob Montgomery said,

    Great job putting this together.

  2. 2

    Dee Kring said,

    It was so much fun! I plan to do it again next year and help spread the word from now til then!

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