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Lonely no more…

Looking back, I’d say 2012 marked the end of the lonely rider. Throughout the year, I saw more bicycle commuters than ever before, and rarely did I make it in to work or back to the homestead without giving a nod to another self-powered traveler.

This morning, as I climbed Miccosukee Road in what can be described as a formal pace, a couple — him with a backpack, her with panniers — came up from behind and quickly passed. So, there we were, three riders heading into town (at the Magnolia Drive light they told me they were heading to FSU), when on the other side of Miccosukee appeared a couple on a tandem, pulling a trailer.

Five riders at once! Never thought I’d see the day.

Further up Miccosukee, between Kate Sullivan Elementary and Holy Trinity Catholic School, we caught up with another backpack-laden rider.

That’s six riders on the ride in. Further evidence that more and more of us are using our bikes on Tallahassee’s streets for transportation, not just recreation.

submitted by Bill Edmonds

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Can’t we all get along?

This is not directly related to cycling but is very related to conflicts we encounter every day whether it is on a bike or on foot.  I thought I would blog it in hopes that someone will find it useful in their every day life.  The conclusion concerning “compromise” is extremely relevant when it comes to bikes and cars habitating the same space on the streets of Tallahassee.

When I was about 8, I was running down my street when all of the sudden from behind a dog grabbed my arm and literally tried to yank my arm out of the socket. He clamped down on my forearm and started jerking it’s head back and forth so violently he picked me up off the ground. My dad said later that it looked like he was flinging a rag doll around. My dad came running over with the rake he had in his hand and starting swinging at the dog. He never hit the dog. After what seemed like an hour the dog let go and ran off. I had two pretty serious puncture wounds on my arm and I was pretty darn sore and scratched up from hitting the asphalt.

Needless to say my dad took me to the ER where even back then they filed a “dog bite” report and the police got dragged into it. My dad wanted the dog destroyed which even then I understood that meant KILLING the dog.

I cried for three days straight. I knew this dog and even tho they didn’t call them this at the time it was a PIT BULL! I loved that dog! I got so upset over them killing that dog that my dad finally relented and agreed to let the dog live – and animal control went along with it under certain circumstances. Obviously there were different rules back then.

The dog spent the rest of it’s life wearing a muzzle that it could bark and drink water (and probably even eat) thru. It lived out the rest of it’s days happy but muzzled. I played with it even after all that. The owners were extremely responsible and never let it out again without it’s muzzle. It never attacked or harmed another person.

To this day I am not afraid of being attacked by a dog! I have NO FEAR of dogs!

So, what does this all say about me and about “THINGS” in general.

1. Banning PIT BULLS (or anything else that is perceived to be dangerous) is not the answer.

2. Making sure that dangerous things are controlled and “muzzled” is absolutely necessary.

3. Making sure that only responsible people are allowed to OWN and CONTROL dangerous things.

5. Dangerous things that are and/or have been made to be uncontrollably and overwhelming dangerous and serve no other purpose should not be allowed.

4. Enforce responsibility/control and take it away if it is not continued.

5. Just because something scary happens to you or someone you know, doesn’t mean that you have to live your life in fear and overreact!

6. Compromise is the answer to every conflict! and COMMON SENSE should prevail.

Merry Christmas!


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